JACD promotes “The Safer 3” program

Safer Water:

Identify the risks associated with any body of water (bathtubs, toilets, pools, spas, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.) and learn how to reduce those risks. For example, installing barriers, such as isolation fencing around a backyard pool, would reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the pool by young children.

Safer People:

Reduce risks for the potential victim. This can be accomplished by maintaining constant, responsible, active adult supervision and acquiring water safety and swimming skills through ongoing qualified instruction. Following water safety rules and safer practices, such as wearing a Coast Guard approved life jacket, can lower the risk.

Safer Response:

Reduce risk during an emergency by learning cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with rescue breaths, first aid, and other rescue and emergency response techniques. Equally important is having an emergency action plan and a phone nearby at all times.
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